A Tournament of Swords

When real swords are in play, it's pretty hard to have a tournament similar to Kendo. Instead, the tournament looks like a showdown. Practitioners follow through a specified number of kata in front of judges. The judges watch and decide who did best, and the winner moves up the bracket. In September 2017, I went for my first "Taikai".


A Morning on the Bus

My bus squeals to a stop in front of me as the door pops open simultaneously. Bit of a rough driver, but good to see the brakes still work. "Douzo!" The bus driver sings over a speaker as the 5 people lined up in front of me begin to pile into the bus. I step... Continue Reading →

“A Soul in a Sword”

In addition to the introduction about why I started this blog, I want to give a short introduction to the name and lifestyle of the person writing this. I chose the name "A Soul in a Sword" because I started Iaido around spring in 2017. For those who don't know, the practice of drawing a... Continue Reading →

An Introduction

Online content surrounding Japan is really limitless. There are countless J-vloggers, and J-bloggers out there who feel their experiences are worth the global stage, and some look for popularity in doing so. For me however, this blog has been started for a different reason. Just like several bloggers & vloggers who inspired my big move... Continue Reading →

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